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Hydraulic Brake Tensioner

Hydraulic Brake Tensioner

The machine is suitable to string one rope and cable conductor with fibre-optical cables(OPGW),also apply to Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced(ACSR)/ADSS/TFOC.The bull-wheel grooves are made up of high resistance interchangeable nylon sectors.

​About E-Grid

​Ningbo Eastern Grid Power (E-Grid) is China leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying hydraulic brake tensioners for stringing operations, ideal to allow operations to be carried out with the highest accuracy, speed and safety.


Max tension:7.5kN
Max speed:40m/min
Note:the basic machine performance is calculated at 20°C and at sea level


Bull-wheel diameter:1100mm


It is used to string various conducts and earth wire .It as one pull one or one pull four using.

Hydraulic Transmission

Hydraulic open circuit that provides very sensitive tensioning control and negligible deviations of tension in case of speed change.


This Winch Type Hydraulic Brake Tensioner prominently features light weight, which is especially convenient for construction in mountainous areas.


Trailer type structure, rigid scaffold, attractive appearance and easy to transport.


We can supply all kinds of stringing equipment according to customers’ requirements.

Working pictures:
Hydraulic Brake Tensioner